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Guster Evermotion Tour – January 18, 2015 – Gothic Theatre

Not sure what the equivalent of a band’s first night of tour is to a home run, a hat trick, a blow out, either way and sports metaphors aside, Guster met and more than exceeded fan’s expectation at the Ogden in Denver to a sold-out crowd.

Lead singer, Ryan Miller, toyed with crowed, threatening to play all the songs from their new album, Evermotion, six times over and none of their older material. That said, the first song out of the shoot was the first song on the album, the lovely “Long Night” with “Lazy Love” soon to follow.

Although Miller laughed at the fact that for some reason, he didn’t play any instruments on many of the songs on Everlight, leaving him to “dance and play the tambourine,” he and the other Guster members continuously switched from one guitar to the other, to keyboards and piano, a trumpet and for percussionist Brian Rosenworcel, two drum kits, one of which beat with the fervor of a Swedish massage pro named Helga (and what earned him the name “Thundergod”).

Something that’s become as common as the “oh man, this high altitude thing is getting to me” comment during a set by a given band playing here in Denver is the pot talk. But I have yet to hear someone explain their purchasing adventures quite in the way that Miller did, as the storekeeper recommended him to buy this particular blend, which was rated the third highest strain by High Times magazine. “He said, ‘It’s gonna make you a little bit speedy,’” like when the hairs are prickling on your arm and your heart’s beating really fast. Miller questioned the pot store guy, wondering about whether this would be a pleasant or a scary ride, “Is that good?” and he said, ‘Totally.’” And then they proceeded with their Greenwich Village 60’s jazz jam.

There was of course an encore, returning with “Kid Dreams,” “Endlessly,” “What You Call Love,” and “Demons.” But the crowd demanded more. And more. And more.

With no songs left on the set list, Miller, Rosenworcel, Adam Gardner, and Luke Reynolds returned to the stage, all way to the front of the stage, sans microphones, to sing and play “Jesus on the Radio.” Oh what a night…

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