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Epilogues, Ladyfinger, Little Brazil – March 4, 2009 – Hi-Dive – Denver

Little Brazil

It’s sad that money and popularity are a deciding factor in a band’s performance. At the same time, a band’s motivation is always revealed when these factors are taken away. The best venue for such exposure is a small, low-income show.

A Wednesday night at an already small venue probably isn’t the most appealing show to a band that’s touring and already skimming by financially. However, this is where I found myself, among approximately 20 attendants, watching Epilogues, Ladyfinger, and Little Brazil.


Epilogues, from Denver, CO, had the largest, brightest light show I’ve ever seen on the small Hi-Dive stage. This is a self-proclaimed four-piece band, but I distinctly saw a fifth member who wasn’t onstage. My best guess is that he was running the light show. And a fascinating light show, it was! Regardless of the light show, this local band displayed a frantic, energetic, well played and well planned set. Their synth-almost-math-rock set was similar to the softer side of Thrice and had the few heads in attendance nodding in appreciation.

LadyfingerLadyfinger displayed a juvenile, punk-rock ambivalence-to-everything, the likes of which, I haven’t witnessed since high-school. Out of Omaha, NE, Ladyfinger completely destroyed whatever credibility they had on stage with their constant remarks on the size of the crowd and inside jokes. I’m hoping this was all part of their punk attitude, image and sound. Perhaps it was this attitude which also diminished the performance of the band. Ladyfinger has a very unique sound collaged from such predecessors as The Alkaline Trio, The Misfits, and Queens of the Stone Age. While I’m sure this band is capable of a great performance, I’m almost certain the only time you will be able to witness it, is in a crowd of no less than 200 people. Even after their set, Ladyfinger wasn’t done with the spot-light as they obnoxiously yelled at and heckled the next band, Little Brazil.

It was truly my pleasure to watch Little Brazil. The four-piece from Omaha put on a performance of entertainment and musicianship that I thought was lost forever. Vocalist, Landon Hedges, continuously and flawlessly hit notes for which most singers rely on auto-tune and can never perform live. On top of the beautiful vocals, the band displayed exemplary form in musicianship and mastery of their individual instruments and still had time to move around on stage. It was evident that this was a professional band on every front. It was inspiring to see a band so involved in their music, that the size of the crowd, the amount of money they were making, or even the heckling tour mates were all secondary to the performance.

Little Brazil play SXSW – Mar 19 2009 2:30P, Mt. Fuji Records Showcase @ 2:30PM


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