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Does It Offend You, Yeah? – March 3, 2008 – Slim’s, San Francisco

Does It Offend You, Yeah?

“If you can’t get past the name, get out of the way.” – from

Fresh off their weekend at Coachella, Does It Offend You, Yeah? arrive to a rather sparse, but highly energetic reception at Slim’s in San Francisco. The turnout is probably partly to blame on their set being at the barely rock-o’clock hour of 9pm. Considering that this is a two-band bill (with Yo Majesty the headliner), one would expect a later start.

A bit more of a crowd had gathered by the time the boys took the stage after a twenty minute push-back, presumably for the room to fill. Drummer, Rob Bloomfield is strangely missing as the band begins. The band intruduces themselves to a rousing applause, and someone yells, “You guy were great at Coachella!” Singer/bassist, James Rushent replies in his British accent “Thanks.. Before they begin, someone else yells, “Tell us a story about Coachella,” and all Rushent has to say is, “Portishead stole the show.”


The sound on “Weird Science” is coming off a bit hollow, and the sound manager is fiddling with a cord with the band’s full attention. One false move… and the sounds completely dies. The band blames this on their absent drummer, but it looked more like an issue with the techie equipment of sound-stylist, Dan Coop.

Does It Offend You YeahThis is all taken in stride. “We want to make sure this is flawless, so we’re going to leave the stage for ten minutes and reappear as if nothing has happened.” They all duck into the stairwell and re-emerge—drummer in tow—and announce, “Hello, San Francsico! We’re Does It Offend You, Yeah?!” Someone yells, “You guys were great at Coachella!” Rushent responds, “Don’t worry, we’ll be great here too. I heard you want a story about Coachella. Well, Portishead stole the show.”

And with that, DIOYY ripped again into “Weird Science,” this time ringing the bell to perfection, ladeling out the first of numerous doses of rampaging electro hardcore punctuated by electro pop-punk. Acknowledging that obvious comparisons are the journalistic low-road, it can’t be avoided here: This is Britain’s mash-up of the Faint meets Daft Punk meets Bloc Party . It’s simply brilliant party music for the hardcore dance enthusiasts.

In addition to “Wired Science” highlights were “Hip to be Shit”—which the band prefaced with a warning that they hadn’t practiced it enough, but it came off flawless—and the closer, “We Are Rockstars.”

Check out DIOYY’s debut album, You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into for the full dose; and certainly don’t miss them when they play Denver’s Bluebird on Saturday, March 10.


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