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Crash 45 2 Year Anniversary Party

This Saturday night Shane Evans and friends will celebrate two years since Crash 45, a neighborhood bar in Denver, first opened its doors with free whiskey, beer and DJ Paris.

Crash 45 was Shane’s second bar venture, the first being Liquid Lounge in Breckenridge. When he heard that his good friends were selling the White Owl, located at 321 E. 45th Avenue, he decided to jump back into the fray, “I’m always a sucker for punishment.”

And while running any businesses does have its challenges, the rewards have been great. “We have many supporters who really make it what it is,” Shane said. “I have learned how important it is to treat people good and take good care of them.”

The idea for Crash 45’s identity came about from its location and the building itself.

“It is off the beaten path, in a forgotten neighborhood of Denver. The interior is mostly decorated with discarded and forgotten things. Kinda like Globeville. But things are changing. In the two years I have been there, I’m starting to see the influx of more people moving into the area. We just hope lo-do does not creep our way. WE don’t allow ‘White Hats’ in the place.”

Thank God for that. 

Crash 45 Party Info on Facebook


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