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Autobahn – SXSW Music 2016 Band


Photo: Ollie Thomas

Autobahn hails from Leeds, releasing two E.P.s prior to their debut album, Dissemble, which came out on Tough Love in August of 2015. The industrial, dark vibe reflected in Dissemble comes from different sources, from their area of origin, the initial concept of Krautrock via the band’s Autobahn moniker, and most definitely in the songs themselves. Titles like “Beautiful Place to Die,” “Ostentation” and “Suicide Saturday,” lean in the goth realm of doom and gloom, while at the same time, Autobahn generates emotions of great joy with a touch of pleasure and pain.

Featured in Episode 2 of The Kaffeine Buzz Show SXSW podcast, one of the nail-biting tracks from Dissemble, “Passion.”

Autobahn SXSW set times and dates:

Tuesday, March 15 
1:15AM – 1:50AM
Barracuda Backyard 
611 E 7th St

Thursday, March 17
9:30PM – 10:10PM
Hotel Vegas

Saturday, March 19
British Music Embassy at Latitude 30


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