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Keane (Lodge Kerrigan)


Keane (Lodge Kerrigan)

I recognized the lead actor Damian Lewis immediately from his role in Band of Brothers. Then, he played a calm man in command. In this Lodge Kerrigan film he is quite the opposite. He is William Keane, a man driven by the disappearance of his daughter. Even a year later he is desperately talking to strangers in the bus station to see if someone has seen her.

But this desperation seems to have led him into insanity, or was it there before? Did this daughter and disappearance really happen? One thing is clear, that despite his mental state he is all alone, and it brings to light the many across the country in this same position.

Lewis does an amazing job of portraying this life of William Keane, going from moments of clarity and somewhat “normal” behavior, to living in a fantasy land where he believes his daughter’s abductor is again in the bus terminal watching his every move. He even attacks the man but is pulled off by passing strangers.

During a more calm time Keane befriends another tenant, a woman in his hotel that has a daughter that is around the same age as the one he lost. His kindness is shown as he tries to help the two financially and then actually takes care of the little girl for the mother. Keane’s skills as a devoted father rise again, but then he realizes how easy it would be to become an abductor himself.


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