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Water Babys – Grant Stringham and Steele Kempton


Water Babys, comprised of Grant Stringham and Steele Kempton, started as most acts do in these days of digital, within the confines of a bedroom-style studio, armed with musical ideas and concepts.

When this Denver act got a wrench thrown into its progress, in the form of a stolen laptop, the two approached new opportunities for musical expression with their glass half full. The result is an eclectic and artistic journey, at times serenaded with orchestrated piano and guitar interludes, and with a wave of the wand, the listener is taken down a space-age tunnel with bleeps and blips, only to be pushed out the other side of the rabbit hole with a collective of Denver hip-hop rhyme rangers.

I interviewed Grant and Steele for my radio show ( to learn more about how this variety of concepts will play out on stage, as in the band’s upcoming opening slot for Plaid at the Bluebird on Saturday, November 19, and if they actually do have a beef with the likes of Hugh Grant (and for the record, insert tongue and cheek here).

Water Babys – There’s a Griffin at the Door from Water Babys on Vimeo.


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