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The Photo Atlas – Oh No Not Me Record Release

Stunned and amazed by No, Not Me, Never —which has already been killing our ear-muffs for days—The Photo Atlas shined at this year’s South By Southwest (SXSW) music-biz convention, projecting several stellar engagements last week for hundreds of sweat-soaked revelers.

The foursome made a crippling impression at this same festival last year, wowing Pure Volume attendees, and attracting a fruitful interest from start-up label Stolen Transmission, under the collaborative efforts of “Ultragrrrl” Sarah Lewitinn and tenured A&R rep Rob Stevenson.

Lucky Denverites have the distinct opportunity to take in this force-avant when they release their praise-worthy LP under the Stolen Transmission/Morning After Records Saturday, March 24 at Hi-Dive (7 So. Broadway).

Having released their album independently over a year ago, its neo-introduction taunts wider distribution under Stolen Transmission, an Island/ Def Jam subsidiary. This curiously revitalized disc boasts a slightly polished remastering of the original—cleaned up, but acknowledgeably free of significant or critical changes.

In fact, the (re-)release of No, Not Me, Never has all the makings of a hit-maker; for instance, tracks like “Light and Noise,” that purely drive hard and swell with the edginess of Modest Mouse’s “Float On” or Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out.”

The Photo Atlas makes an impressive foray into radio-friendly pop-punk in a sense that bands like At The Drive-In—astounding as they were, but missing the attention of pop-mania DJs—never got the air-time it would have required to give them due staying power and credibility.

Whether they accomplish this is to be proven, but the potential is certainly there. Their talent is worth more than the decision of a radio head’s air-gavel. These guys are slaying, and it’s clearly the fan-base that will make the definitive call.

Don’t sleep. With local openers Machine Gun Blues, this party’s gonna be crackin’ like two butt-cheeks and a Faberge egg from Risky Business.

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Take a listen and a peek:

“Handshake Heart Attack” mp3:
“Handshake Heart Attack” video:


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