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The Presets’ Kim Moyes

photo: Kane Skenner

My stupidity convinced me that it would be a good idea to go to a slip-n-slide party and do some heavy drinking the night before I was to interview Kim Moyes from The Presets. But I did wake up at 8am the following morning, ready to receive a phone call from The Preset’s manager. Sore, tired, and maybe a still a little bit drunk, I stumbled around my room to find my voice recorder and then stumbled some more trying to find the speaker-phone function on my cell.

If you’ve never woken up to an Australian accent in your ear, I highly recommend it. All of my aches and pains seemed to disappear for the duration of the phone call as I was enamored and swooning at Moyes’ lush accent and willingness to participate.

Kaffeine Buzz: Sorry if I’m a little slow, it’s 8am here, I should be up, but I’m just lazy. Where are you guys calling from?

Kim Moyes: We’re in London right now. It’s 3pm here. Where are you?

KB: I’m in Denver. I’m glad that at least one of us is awake right now.

Kim: We just played Denver not too long ago.

KB: Yes! I saw you play, you did a great job.

Kim: Thank you. I think we played some small bar (The Larimer Lounge). That was a strange night. We had a bit of a breakdown. I don’t know if it was the altitude or what.

KB: I’m sorry to hear that.

Kim: No, it was a good breakdown.

KB: A good breakdown?

Kim: Yeah, it was a strange night. We’re going to be back in Denver soon.

KB: Yes, for Monolith. We’re pretty excited to have you back. Actually Monolith is what inspired this interview. I’m looking at your tour schedule right now ( and it looks like you’re jumping straight from Europe to Denver?

Kim: We’re in London right now, but we’re going to Spain soon and then back to the UK, then over to The States, then back to Europe, then we get to go home in October. The states are great to drive through. I don’t know if you’ve ever driven across the country.

KB: No, I’ve been to a few states, but I’m sure you’ve seen more of this country than I have.

Kim: I recommend it. America is a beautiful country and driving across it like that, you’ll see some pretty interesting things.

KB: I would imagine. How has your response been in Europe?

Kim: It’s been great! We’ve been playing a lot of shows with larger groups so it’s hard to judge response when you’re over-shadowed by big name bands.

KB: How would you say your response has been in the states?

Kim: It’s been pretty amazing. You know, I would say that America has the best dancers out of any country we’ve played. I just enjoy watching Americans dance.

KB: Really?! ‘Cause I would say there’s a large population of white males here who would disagree with you.

Kim: (Laughs) No, really, American’s just know how to let loose, you know?

KB: Fair enough. So are you guys working on anything new, any new albums coming out?

Kim: We just put out Apocalypso recently. Nothing new for the band. I’ve been working on a few remixes for some friends, nothing completed yet, but it’s hard to write when you’re working on a laptop and headphones.

KB: How do you and Julian Hamilton know each other?

Kim: We went to school together. We met in the commons area and just started writing music together and we’ve been writing together ever since.

KB: Great! Well, I don’t want to take up too much more of your time. Thanks for talking with me and we look forward to seeing you at Monolith.

Kim: Thanks, we’ll be looking forward to seeing you dancing there.

KB: I’ll be there, and I’ll be dancing for sure.

Kim: Alright, cheers then.

Yes, unfortunately the conversation had to come to a close, so I went back to wallowing in my pain and celebrating in my excitement of what’s to come at Monolith this month. The Presets perform on Saturday, September 13.


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