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Gruvis Malt – A Tasty Beverage For Your Ears

Have you ever drunk a Bloody Drunken Monk? Not many people have.

A couple of New Years Eve’s ago I was hanging out with My ex-girlfriend who went to School at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), and she introduced me to such an eclectic sounding mixture of alcohols that induced such an intense feeling of euphoria it later became my favorite drink. Basically this concoction consisted of Green Tea with equal parts Absolute and Jagermeister. It tastes good, gets you fucked up, and is a good source of antioxidants – practical drinking at its best.

Perhaps that’s why it is no surprise that Gruvis Malt hails from the same region as that bizarre yet satisfying beverage. Blending whatever the heck these youngsters listen to nowadays (indie rock, funk, progressive hip-hop, jazz (okay, not A LOT of kids listen to grips of jazz, but hopefully everyone does own at least on Charlie Parker or Miles Davis record) into a an intoxicating yet organized mess of sound that has earned them a place on stage alongside acts such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Roots, Wilco, Luscious Jackson, and the Sugar Hill Gang and this Friday the 21st at Tulagi’s in Boulder the modern day Paul Bunyan of Slam Poetry and HipHop, Sage Francis

Their latest effort “With the Spirit of a Traffic Jam” has gotten rave reviews from intelligent people with good taste across the board.

If you consider yourself smart without sucky taste in music, than do yourself a favor and clear your calendar for Friday night. Come to Tulagis and let the sextet share with you their interpretation of future-rock, where Sage will also share his interpretation of hip-hop. You’ll get a chance to not only live a little, but learn a little and grow your list of “best of” music experiences. And oh yeah, bring some green tea, just in case they don’t have any at the bar.


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