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Three Degrees of Freedom

An outgoing group of Denver locals are hitting the music scene running and there’s no sign of looking back. Three Degrees of Freedom, which formed on the campus of Denver University, has come a long way in their first year since becoming a band. They are bringing a diverse array of music and a stellar live show to a venue near you.
The band, consisting of Paul Cox (lead vocals and acoustic guitar), Andy Clapp (drums), Matt McClain (lead guitar) and Greg Pace (bass), collectively blend a wide array of musical styles into an evening of musical exploration. The music, which they classify as “progressive acoustic rock”, mixes elements of blue grass, Latin, jazz, rock and funk.

Although they have recorded one studio album and are working on another, the live show is the staple of Three Degrees Of Freedom’s music. They take their music on an extended journey, altering rhythms and beats, and have a great time while doing it. “We have so much fun together and it’s really obvious. It’s very high energy for the majority of the show,” says Cox. That attitude is what makes this band’s music so appealing. It is just a group of guys who are up there enjoying what they are doing, and who are really good at it at the same time.

A typical live show can take a listener across the band’s wide array of styles, while also throwing in some cover songs ranging from Neil Young to the Talking Heads. “Someone’s not going to come in to a show and say everything sounds the same,” says McClain. That is why Three Degrees of Freedom is not only making a name for themselves in Colorado, but also across the nation.

Pace’s bass and Clapp’s drums always seem to be keyed in together and make way for some deep, funk-driven music beds. McClain’s guitar traverses in and out of peaks and valleys at just the right time, adding layers to a constant groove. Cox’s vocals, while redundant at times, melds eloquently with his acoustic guitar, giving a melodic feel to the music and is the piece of the puzzle that ties it all together.

Three Degrees of Freedom is excitedly heading back into the studio to record their second album. Their first self-titled album was put together without very much preparation and was also their first trip into an actual recording studio. This time around, they have a different outlook on the recording session and a year of practice and live shows under their belt. “I have a lot of confidence in this CD to be the type of CD that you can actually put in your disc player and just play it front to back,” says Cox.

Comparing the band’s debut album to a recent live show, it’s astonishing to see the progress and talent these guys have gathered in the past year alone. Three Degrees of Freedom is a band still in their infancy, yet making a big sound. Fueled by the fire and energy of their live shows, this band shows no signs of being extinguished and promises to be one of the biggest bands to come out of Denver.

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