Hello Kavita – To A Loved One

I had my television on mute as the news played out the events of the day and as I began listening to To A Loved One, the sophomore release from Denver’s Hello Kavita. It was definitely a ying and yang experience, flipping from the flurry of Red Tag sales pushing spending for the holidays as […]

Battery Park – Scattered Pictures

When you walk too fine of a line as a musician trying to balance multiple interests, you run the risk of never truly discovering your calling. While comprised of a few definite high points, Battery Park’s Scattered Pictures walks this razor edge, begging the question, “Who do they want to be when they grow up?”

Avenged Sevenfold – City of Evil

In the age of Warped Tour, Hot Topic, and MySpace, sounds of “independent,” and “underground” music, especially punk, metal, and hardcore, are as prevalent as ever. With the advent of this popularity comes a new set of politically correct guidelines that inevitably follow, which most bands seem apt to conform to, if not packaged that […]

Armstrong – Dick, The Lionhearted

Two members from Hagfish, brothers Doni and Zach Blair, have put 50% of “the band back together,” reinventing their sound to reflect a matured and somewhat “tainted love” attitude through their song writing and chorus lines, while retaining the punchy guitars and youthful energy that put Hagfish on the map back in the day.