The Coast – Expatriate

I was having breakfast with my cousins a few weeks ago, and of all my 100+ cousins, Jeff is the only one that bonds with me on music. We talked about this and that, and much to my dismay, he thought that good music releases were slim to none in recent years. I must have […]

Earlimart – Hymn and Her

If there’s one thing that’s clear, or at least confirmed with the release of Hymn or Her, is that Earlimart is a tight and cohesive unit, where you can’t where tell Aaron Espinoza’s guitar and vocal trails leave off and where Ariana Murray’s ethereal and lovely harmonies pick up. It truly feels like the core […]

Tropic Thunder (Ben Stiller)

Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder (ben stiller) There have been numerous satires over the years. Classics like “Airplane,” which sits on many a DVD shelf at home, or “Scary Movie I, II, or III,” which have been on the favorites list for some, but not for all. Then there’s “Tropic Thunder,” which will no doubt go down as […]