Alba Botanica

Alba was founded in 1989 under the parent company of Avalon Natural Products. Avalon has created their product lines (Alba Botanica, Unpetroleum, and Avalon Organics) based on what they call the “Five Elements of Consciousness.” The first element is purity and safety. Alba Botanica products contain no parabens, chemical preservatives that increase a product’s shelf […]

Nevada Caucus

When it came time to draw cards, Barack Obama had all the luck. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but it appears according to several websites that Obama actually won the delegate count, getting 13 to Clinton’s 12. How does that work? You got me. But here’s a link to the stories that I’m drawing […]

Michigan Primaries

Michigan Primaries So now yet another Republican has won yet another state. Well, Mitt Romney would remind you that he’s won Wyoming as well, but nobody really counted them anyway. They were yet another state that moved their caucus ahead of February 5th and lost half their delegates and weren’t even given news coverage. Michigan […]