Peeping Tom – Peeping Tom

Mike Patton—seemingly always full of surprises, confounds again with the completion of his latest project Peeping Tom. Patton, known for his association with the strange (Fantomas, Mr. Bungle) and his eclectic record label Ipecac, decides to go pop. Now before cringing at the thought of Mike Patton associated with pop music, consider this: Peeping Tom […]

Sam Roberts Band – Chemical City

The trend, if you want to call it that, for naming a band after the leading man (or woman) was retired a while back, along with the 8-track tape. If anyone deserves to bring it back in style it’s Sam Roberts. The McGill University English graduate has a lot on his mind, and communicates it […]

Shaggy Manatee – In Between

After years of working with other artists as both a producer and an MC, the artist known as Shaggy Manatee releases his first official solo album on Quake Trap. Filled to the brim with punk attitude—many of the songs hit you briskly but effectively at just over two minutes, ambient vibes—there are traces of industrial […]

The Stills – Without Feathers

When you throw the sophomore release of Montreal’s The Stills in your computer, and if you use RealPlayer, the genre description for the band is listed as Post-Punk. After the release of their Vice debut Logic Will Break Your Heart in 2004, which featured many opportunities for a raucous, dance-off, including “Ready For It” and […]

The Walkmen – A Hundred Miles Off

The Walkmen – A Hundred Miles OffRecord CollectionQuantum mechanics seem to have been infused into the listening of latest album from The Walkmen, A Hundred Miles Off. It’s difficult to decipher the past, present or future. Even looking at one of their band photos, it feels as if it came from a history book, showing […]