Billy Music – Midwest Index

The album cover graphics told me I was in for another glitch, trip-hop, house treat of the Moon Records variety. Imagine my surprise when I instead discovered Billy Music is actually watered-down emo/contemporary pop rock from South Dakota. South Dakota? For some reason, that just sounds so much more punk rock than, say Austin.

Bleu – Redhead

Chances are, you’re already familiar with Bleu, even if you don’t realize it. Scoring a spot on a blockbuster soundtrack, Bleu was first introduced to the world via his tune “Somebody Else,” which appeared on the Spider-Man soundtrack. But if you explored no further than this cut, then you missed out on one of the […]

The Coral – The Coral

Not since Fishbone has a band dared tinker with the boundaries of underground sounds with such reckless abandon. Often as off-beat and eclectic as Los Angeles’ seminal funk-ska soldiers, The Coral’s self-titled album is quite an achievement given how aggressive the band is in maintaining such a motley brew. One minute they are as raw […]