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 Tonight the Doomtree collective begins its ambitious tour (no, not a friggin’ reference to Madonna), the start of many, many days on the road - from January 19 to March 20, including SXSW dates from March 13 to 18 - introducing fans to the live versions of the songs from No Kings, written, recorded, mixed, mastered and released in 2011 in yet another ambitious, albeit tenacious, fashion.

Here are some quick facts on the Austin band, Love Inks, which is comprised of Sherry LeBlanc (lead vocals, synthesizer) Kevin Dehan (guitar, backup vocals…original member and guitarist Adam Adam Linnell is no longer with the band, so Kevin’s moved into the guitarist chair), Derek Brown (bass, backup vocals…the new guy picking up the bass previously held by Kevin).


Water Babys, comprised of Grant Stringham and Steele Kempton, started as most acts do in these days of digital, within the confines of a bedroom-style studio, armed with musical ideas and concepts.

Recorded during The Kaffeine Buzz on Post 303 Radio (, I interview Brennen Bryarly, aka Option4, the founder of The 100, a new monthly party launching in Denver on November 19, 2011, at Beauty Bar.

Post 303 Radio


Yes. That’s right. For the fans, the listeners of the beloved and sadly deceased Indie 101.5 radio station, Whip, the former music director and DJ of 101.5, along with Tyler Jacobson, Lipgloss co-founder and co-operator of Danger Radio/YourMusicIsAwful, have assembled a band of DJ hooligans to reignite indie radio in Denver, Colorado, and beyond.

 It’s the end of September already and the beginning of fall. Many of us are wondering, “What happened to the summer?” Right in time for this amazement with the speed of time comes a new release from Denver’s A Shoreline Dream, Losing Them All To This Time.

Flashlights – A Bit Hidden But Not For Long – The UMS Artist

Talking with the duo that makes up FlashlightsEthan Converse and Sam Martin – we were huddled down at the Hi-Dive's “green room” chatting about this freshman outfit in Denver before their opening gig for ManCub, another duo who is breaking ground in Denver’s expanding electro pop and dance playground.

Male Bonding gives us a peek into the new album, Endless Now, with a free download of the first single, “Bones,” along with a glimpse of the band’s recording session via video and a bevy of tour dates that will take them ‘round the world and back to London.

This just in: Portishead teased American fans with a one-off appearance at Coachella after the release of Third in 2008. Finally, the band is returning to these United States for select dates on the east and west coast before playing the final show of the tour in Denver on October 27.

Black Lips have just released the first single, “Modern Art,” from the band’s new album Arabia Mountain, for a free download.

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