"This is like in Colorado where they build developments and suddenly people are being eaten by mountain lions." This quote is from the beginning of “Echotone,” a documentary that spotlights the conflict between art and commerce, between musicians who have lived and worked in downtown Austin for years and the rise of residential dwellers, i.e. progress.

16 Mar 2010

As technology evolves and continues to help us to handle life in a more convenient manner, making every-day tasks like carrying maps in a car seem silly when we have a GPS system, or carry around cash when we have a debit card, lots of 0s and 1s in our name are being stored. “Erasing David” is a scary wake up call as to just how the days of privacy may be long gone.

Playing at the Starz Denver Film Festival 2010, “Blue Valentine,” directed by Derek Cianfrance (a University of Colorado graduate), is one of those films that give you the feeling, sometimes an uncomfortable one, that you’re in the room eavesdropping in on the intense conversation taking place between the two people on the screen.

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