24 Feb 2012

From the first few moments of “Little Expressionless Animals” from Memoryhouse’s The Slideshow Effect (Sub Pop), the blood pressure goes into a state of calm, as vocalist Denise Nouvion takes you down to a deep blue sea where the ocean’s forest floats and sways with grace. This colorful and layered texture of bliss is what the duo, including Evan Abeele, will be presenting to audiences when their tour launches February 28 at Shuba’s in Chicago, coinciding with the album’s release, and when they make their way to Larimer Lounge on Monday, March 5.

Overcasters is at it again, drumming up a new album release and wrangling Denver acts for its second Gathering of the Clouds music festival, which originated at the end of 2010 and whose fest title just may have been influenced by “In the Cloud” off the band’s 2010 release, The Whole Sea is Ranging.
01 Feb 2012

 As we try to survive these divided times, “Love Thine Enemy” from Cass McCombs’ 2011 release, Humor Risk, is a welcomed vibe compared to what exists outside our headphones. One that, whether intentionally or not, reminds us that no matter how much we’re surrounded my complete B.S. and hypocrisy, especially during this fierce and comical political battle, there is always “sincerity” and intention to balance things out.

Here ya go kiddies, more Picks for SXSW Music 2012. These bands - Brite Futures, Mind Spiders, Zulu Winter and Oh Mercy, were featured on The Kaffeine Buzz show that aired December 9, 2011 (listen to Episode 11 on Mixcloud).

 Aside from annoying drum circles, drum-heavy songs and sounds, when done right, can take one to another place, back thousands of years to a time when the banging beats were first shot into our DNA. Chicago’s A Lull has the formula down, mixing up the skins sounds with lovely harmonies and understated instrumentation for a final affect that no doubt reigns on stage.


On November 1, 2011 the peeps over in Austin, the ones listening to thousands upon thousands of CDs from artists hopeful to play one or more SXSW Music 2012 Showcases, released the first batch of said confirmed artists set to perform starting Tuesday, March 13, and continuing through to Sunday, March 18.

23 Nov 2011

 For those that have been following the industrial, EBM genre for some time, VNV Nation hails with the other forefathers in one’s music collection, from KMFDM and Skinny Puppy, to Chemlab, 16 Volt, Apoptygma Berzerk, Nitzer Ebb, and others who have been on the Metropolis catalog at one point or another. Still going strong for the past 21 years, VNV returns in 2011 with Automatic (Anachron America) and a subsequent U.S. tour.

When we last featured Bear Hands it was in anticipation of the band’s appearance at the Underground Music Showcase (UMS) this past summer in July. The venue was packed as the four guys made their way through the crowd and up to the stage, where they more than made their presence known.

 Most music tends to take the listener on an aural journey, sometimes to a lonely café as the rain floods the streets, or to another time, triggering memories from the past. Future Islands’ musical tapestries do indeed wrap one with a magical travel cloak, jetting from the open seas aboard a grand ship, to a dusty road, hitching a ride to the coast.

 Peter Black’s Analog Space returns for another year of Halloween weekend festivities.

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