In Episode 18, the Kaffeine Buzz Show debuts on the Shoreditch-based Hoxton Radio! Denver and London come together as I featured artists playing in both cities, including Todd Edwards, a world-renowned DJ/Producer that came to Shoreditch at the end of September and performs in Denver Saturday, October 27 at The Hundred party, and then returns to London for a number of number of gigs in December.

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"Hello... this is Josh with Kaffeine Buzz. Am I speaking with Jacob?" "Yeah, hey can I call you back?" "Sure! Talk to you in a bit." "Hey this is Jacob, is this Josh?" "Yeah, hey I have a call. Can I put you on hold and disconnect with them really quick?" "Sure, actually why don't you call me back on this number XXX-XXX-XXXX. I have a bad connection." "Ok, sure, call you right back."

So went the first couple minutes of my interview with Jacob Thiele of The Faint. But being the professionals we are, we made the best of a bad phone situation and this is what happened:

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29 Oct 2004

I’ll have you know I thought I was in nouveau Euro-dance-beat heaven the first time I discovered The Faint. The hearty combo of solid ‘80s synth dance beats with a modern millennial rock sound tickled my fancy right when I needed it. When I found out, recently, that The Faint hail from Nebraska of all places, oozing over the country thanks to the folks at Saddle Creek Records, my primitive intellect could not—did not— understand. This whole time I had thought they were some über-trans-continental marvel, and all the while they were rockin’ in Cornhusker basements a mere state away.

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