Last year Viva City released their debut album, Phobia, in conjunction with a venture to SXSW, performing at parties and the infamous British Embassy Showcase. In 2012 the U.K. electro-rock outfit are back again with a new single, “Dive In,” a renewed Visa, and another long airplane ride to the states to join the SXSW carnage this year.

 There are a few movie soundtracks that stick out as favorites in my collection: “Hackers” (even though the movie, to me now, is laughable), “Valley Girl,” “Garden State,” “The Crow,” and “Run Lola Run.” As I made my way through the Chronicle Movie Soundtrack (Milan Records), going from song to song, I found myself “hearting” each one on Last.FM.

 Electro-pop group of metamorphosis, Metronomy have released an EP for their single, “Everything Goes My Way” (Big Beat / Because Music) in anticipation of their spring 2012 North American tour. The original single kicks off the 5-tracks, followed by remixes from Ewan Pearson, Jesse Rose, Enchante and Psychemagik.

[Mezzanine, San Francisco - Friday, October 21, 2011]Let’s get to brass tacks. I’m busy. I’m leaving for Chicago in six hours, and before I leave I have to give you a reason to go out on a Tuesday night in Denver for the Check Yo' Ponytail Tour, since all I have to look forward to is a 4-hour return trip to San Francisco. Oh, woe is me.

Mayer Hawthorne seemed to travel forward in time, arriving in this millennium after being transported from the stage of “The !!! Beat” show in the ‘60s. After Hawthorne’s heartache R&B songs perked the ears of Mr. Manak of Stone’s Throw Records, a 7” followed, as did A Strange Arrangement. Fresh off the press is How Do You Do, still dripping with the R&B groove that initially drew new ears to this style of timeless music.

Analog Space Prsents Denver After Dark

From the window seat of an airplane is my favorite vantage point from which to put into words my thoughts on music. Timing and dineros doesn’t allow this scenario to be a convenient one, but on this fine Thursday morning as I fly over the buildings of downtown Denver, the circle of water that is City Park, and even my own block in the Cole ‘hood, it’s really something to know that the swirls, bleeps, heartbeats, periodic vocals and consistently addictive rhythms were all born here by Denver creatives. Compiled by Peter Black in preparation for the Denver AfterDark music festival that takes place August 26 on Larimer, this promoter, DJ, artist and cat herder has always had an ear and a passion for Denver talent.
The Cool Kids - New Parish - Oakland, CA - July 28, 2011

Detroit- and Chicago-based rap duo, The Cool Kids descended on Oakland “The Town” California this weekend to unveil the live rendition of their recently released When Fish Ride Bicycles, the latest installment of the Kids’ professed love for cars, bikes, women, a particular herb, breakfast cereal and all things comfort.

With their sophomore release, When Fish Ride Bicycles, The Cool Kids (Green Label Sound) show off slick production and spectral sound thanks to production contributions from the likes of Pharrell Williams (Neptunes) and Travis Barker (Blink 182), as well as the duo’s own Chuck Inglish.

16 Jun 2011

 The Black Lips brand of Superman psyche-rock blows the mind once again with their Arabia Mountain release (Vice Records). It’s gotten to the point where these guys can just basically sit at the table and whip out a record on demand. I mean, who do they think they are??

15 Jun 2011
The Chain Gang of 1974 - Wayward Fire

 There are a number of musicians that have an affinity for the ‘80s in the way of music recollections of their own making. Some pluck all the tricks of the trade of that time and spit out replications without much contribution on the back end. And then there is The Chain Gang of 1974, which pays tribute to the era whilst weaving hooks, hammering beats and hail-to-the-skies glory track after track, taking the original electro form far beyond our current millennium, causing a new wave tidal wave.

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