Foxygen at SXSW 2013

Foxygen assembled on the Red 7 patio stage on the third day into SXSW 2013, after over a half hour of sound check. Under normal circumstances, not a big deal. In a festival scenario with a tight schedule, kind of a deal. 

15 Mar 2013

Through the ages, music has been and is more than ever, so many things to so many people. In "Good Vibrations," this narrative that made its U.S. debut at SXSW 2013, tells the true story of a moment in time during The Troubles in Belfast, and how one man's fervor for music helped to bridge the lines in a highly divided and violent city in Northern Ireland.

13 Mar 2013


Relationships can be funny and maddening, if you look at them in hindsight and with a large slice of both humor and sarcasm. "I Give It A Year" is hilarious from beginning to end, taking the typical romantic comedy mold and blowing it up through a ceiling fan with feathers flying, a highly welcomed gesture (and a hint at one of the THE funniest scenes).

I affirm that Kishi Bashi is synonymous with wonder. So much more, but let’s start with wonder. With a stage transformed into forest, these lovely wild things proceeded to charm, engage, and amaze a transfixed audience. A smiling audience that forgot for a couple hours that cell phones or February or a real world existed and bestowed attention where it ought.

The Tracy Boys aim is to change the face of the music community in Bath, England. If the duo's latest single, "Marylebone" is any indication, they're more than equipped to leave their mark. The track, which is accompanied by the animated video, is art candy for the senses. It's a romantic futuristic tale that bounces both with delight, a few tears, and of course, some London rain.

Has it really been almost 6 years since Bloc Party played in Denver? Thankfully the rumor a few years back about the band's potential break up proved to be false, and the U.K. band returned with a new album Four in 2012.

Japandroids returned to Denver on Monday, November 18, this time to throw down at the Bluebird with Phili's Swearin' in tow. It was only a few years ago when lead singer, Brian King, stated that the duo, including drummer David Prowse, performed at the Hi-Dive to 10 people. With time, dedication, "crappy gear" (complete with bright green tape on the guitar, which required tuning between each song) and tenacity you can sell out Larimer and come back a few months later to pack out the Bluebird.

Two Door Cinema Club returned to Denver after two long years to perform last night at the Ogden Theatre. It was Halloween night, 2010 at the Bluebird, so one year and 50 weeks to be more exact, when Funeral Party opened for TD Cinema, and if you were there you knew what a fest that was. Everyone, including the bands, were dressed for the freaky night, and from beginning to end, people all over the venue and on stage were in full dance mode.

The one thing that a film fanatic can expect from the Starz Denver Film Festival 35 (SDFF) is the unexpected, to be taken through a journey to unknown territories when the lights go down. The array of films is expansive, and this past week SDFF gave us a glimpse of what's in store for 2012, with plans to announce the full schedule on Monday, October 15, for the 35th festival that will run from November 1 - 11, 2012.

Saturday night, The Gothic was filled with sounds of funk and hip-shakin’ fans in celebration of Bop Skizzum’s latest album, Coloradical, hitting stores on Oct. 9th. Joining in on the party were supporting acts Rachel and the Kings, Rebel Tongue, In the Whale and Dakar.

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