Hindershot - It's Only Blood - Hot Congress

I was wondering when the hell this was going to happen. Hindershot is FINALLY releasing its debut EP, It’s Only Blood. This is a poke but one with the warmest of wishes and admiration, and I’m highly pleased that the tracks that hooked me last year have now found a home in my iTunes favorites playlist.

08 Feb 2011

Goldenboy - Sleepwalker

Goldenboy’s Shon Sullivan has been a busy man as the go-to-guy for filling out a group's touring band, including the likes of Bright Eyes, Neil Finn, Stephen Malkmus and Grandaddy. But he’s found time to follow up his 2006 album, Underneath the Radio, with the new Sleepwalker (Eenie Meenie Records).


After running the new Brute Chorus release, How the Caged Bird Sings, through my speakers and headphones a few times, I keep coming back to this phrase: working-class music. Bare bones and B.S. free, I envision a dark bar filled with regulars smoking and drinking pints, all moving in unison to a 50’s jukebox that’s blaring “Could This Be Love.”

04 Oct 2010

First off, I think we’ve all heard enough of the “N” word when it comes to connecting the Klaxons to some pseudo genre style. The only wave that exists with their new release, Surfing the Void (tinyOGRE Entertainment), is the pattern made by the sea of people during the Klaxons’ tour, no doubt flowing and rocking to the myriad of soundscapes and aural breaks that crash, boom and swoon.

01 Jun 2010

The frost is finally melting. People are spending more time on the patio with frothy pitchers, gathering to enjoy the warmer weather. This is a perfect time for Diego Paulo's Cafe Con Leche to show up to the party.

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