The Denver Film Festival 39, which began last week, hosted an interesting panel session along with Comcast, “New Avenues of Distribution,” which focused on what the growing number of streaming TV services such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon, means for content creators, the film industry, and film-watchers alike.

Denver Film Festival - New Avenues of Distribution

On the panel was Comcast’s director of programming, Brett Hatch; the senior director of product management at Level 3, Jon Alexander; Stephan Shelanski, the former Starz executive vice president of programming acquisitions who is now on the other side as a film producer; and film critic and moderator of the panel (and long-time Denver Film Festival participant), Bob Denerstein.

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Carolee SchneemanAn Evening With Carolee Schneemann (Carolee Schneemann)

A long look at a six foot tall close-up vagina was not something I expected to see early on a Monday morning. Not knowing what to expect, I ventured to the press-screening of “An Evening With Carolee Schneemann” (Wednesday, November 19, Sharp Auditorium, Denver Art Museum). It was a bit much to take in before coffee.

Carolee Scheemann is a world renowned artist of several mediums, one of which is film. She approaches film with heavy abstract, sexual, political, post-modern and anti-conventional themes. Her collection of films being show at Starz includes a few of her works, including “Meat Joy,” “Fuses,” “Interior Scroll,” and “Infinity Kisses.”

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