It's appropriate that one of Catfish and the Bottlemen's most popular songs is entitled "Homesick." The North Wales boys are rarely home, spending most of their time on the road making fast friends with a flurry of penetrating-to-the-bone rock music, willing to play anywhere and talk to anyone, and continuously showcasing their talent along with a deep appreciation for all their adoring fans.

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To attend a Palma Violets show is liken to sticking yourself in a large coin-operated clothes dryer along with some random shoes, a few beer cans, some whiskey mixed with a pint of saliva, and pressing ’Start’. It’s quite the ride, and you’ll come out if it disheveled yet blissful and happy (just not Downey fresh). Having heard some of the new songs from Palma Violets third album, Danger In The Club (Rough Trade), back in March at SXSW, this third endeavor follows suit with their previous two releases, being the on-demand version of their live performances.

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[This coverage of SXStyle 2015 appeared originally on, a contributed article by Kim Owens.] Disruption. Mobile. Both have become quite the buzz words in the last few years, but for good reason. Legacy business models in every sector are being turned on their heads. Driving these massive shifts is the consumer, their mobile behaviors, and brands inventing next-generation technologies and strategies to better serve that connect customer.

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Wild. An appropriate, one-word review of a Twin Peaks show. Could just leave it at that and let you learn from experience, which I hope you do soon, but feel the need to elaborate just a bit more.

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The London duo in Public Service Broadcasting are all about taking listeners on adventures through time and space. Reflecting back on pinacle moments of the world, triumphs and tragedies, PSB craft historical audio clips with an array of both futuristic and vintage musical textures and layers.

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When looking back at a Viet Cong show, whether a few minutes or a few days later, words still seem to escape the cerebellum. You’re left more with emotions of being stunned and amazed after catching the Calgary outfit, including their slot at Fader Fort among the wet and the wild that rainy day.

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I had yet to hear more than a few tracks from Happyness prior to catching them at theCulture Collide / Doc Martens SXSW shindig, or read the sterling reviews by other journalists more in the know. I only knew a few of bit of their music off of Spotify, and thus, had made a point to nail them into my mess of a schedule.

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Each festival season, along with pieces written about the acts and bands playing, a number of festival ‘how-to’ articles emerge, providing punters and newbies alike with what to take, what to wear, and tips on how to make the most of the festival experience.

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BRONCHO wrapped their tour with Billy Idol in Feburary and are now prepping for the trek to Austin for SXSW. Thus far they're set to play the Culture Collide party at Bar 96 Friday, March 20 at 9:30pm, with additional dates to follow.

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[Photos by Kyle Cooper] I first heard of the Welsh band Catfish and the Bottlemen before I’d actually heard their music. It was during the Association of Independent Festivals Congress, a conference where festival organizers from around the UK and Europe gather to discuss all facets of the business.

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