I went back and watched a video from Cyberfest 2000 yesterday before setting out to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, remembering how taken back I was of that Fresno festival’s eye candy in comparison to the raves I’d attended in San Francisco, from Toon Town and Community in the early 90s until that ‘welcome to the millennium’ party. What was considered a spectacle then seems like strung popcorn on a Christmas tree now in comparison to the sheer awe you experience as the visual landscape of Electric Daisy Carnival’s (EDC) Las Vegas unfolds before your eyes.

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15 Apr 2005

Funny thing about getting older, you not only learn more about the world around you and yourself, but your senses become more acute as years turn to knowledge that turn to a heightened sense of awareness. This has happened for Moby who has used the metaphor of a hotel to describe the essence of a manmade life and the human aspect of imperfection within his latest release.

In true Moby fashion, he’s orchestrated a legion of vocal talent to take the lead on some songs, such as the lonely road remake of New Order’s “Temptation” featuring Laura Dawn along with the vibrant “Lift Me Up” with Shayna Steele on background vocals. With the exception of drums from Scott Frassetto, Moby continues to play all instruments and reins the board as producer.

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