In our multitasking world, music listening is typically done while we’re busy doing other things; driving, working, polishing the silver. Gone are the days of laying on the floor with our big headphones and simply listening to every note, memorizing lyrics, feeling the bridge and chorus. The musical experience performed by Cardiff’s, now Los Angeles, Until the Ribbon Breaks causes one to pull off the road, to stop, lay and listen to the gorgeously orchestrated, multi-faceted A Lesson Unlearnt.

The premise of UTRB’s moniker has been linked to the creation of mix tapes to capture a moment and emotion in time (and can be found as inspiration for personal tattoos), and playing them over and over until the tape gives way. It is that lack of monogamy to any specific genre to instead marry an amalgamation of tones, keys, notes, beats, and RPMs from generations past, present and future that give listeners of UTRM a ride they won’t soon forget.

This is especially true of the band’s live set, which threw people on their ass this past year at SXSW, Coachella, and at Denver’s Underground Music Showcase. I could see people’s faces afterwards with both a glow and a sense of “Wow…” Winfield commands the stage with his worn horn, as if leading the charge on a battlefield, then manuevering through instruments, popping over to join keyboardist James Gordon but with drum sticks, and weaving around the stage as UTRB makes their way through the magical set list.

Drummer Elliott Wall told Entertainment Monthly, “Seeing people’s faces, when they light up, when we play live, that’s what does it for me. It’s seeing people’s faces light up when you’re doing your work; there’s no job out there that’s like that.”

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