It was the end of Sulk's U.K. tour at the end of May when the band dove into Shacklewell Arms, swimming within a sea of devoted fans. The debut album Graceless (produced by Ed Buller, who's previously worked with Suede and Pulp) had been released the month prior, so many of these fans had yet to experience the single "Flowers" and other tracks from the album in a live setting.

Frontman Jon Sutcliff commanded the audience at all times while also taking opportunities for big smiles during "Diamonds in Ashes," reflecting the expressions of people in the crowd dancing and twisting to Sulk's every move.

Guitarist Tomas Kubowicz and drummer Lewis Jones took "Sleeping Beauty" to a frenzied level, and then bassist Jakub Starzyński taking the lead at times on "Marian Shrine." The sway of recognition came 'round with "Back in Bloom," a single released in 2012 and included on the new album, with a number of girls and boys in the front row singing to every word. In the end, Sulk tore up the Shacklewell stage and left all us kids spent and very happy.