Seven League's CEO and founder, Richard Ayers, is taking part in this week's SXsports panel, "Going Global: Taking British Sports Brands Abroad," along with Alexandra Willis, Head of Digital & Content for AELTC Wimbledon; Ben Gallop, Head of Interactive & Formula 1 at BBC Sport; and Chris Harris, Managing Editor for the Arsenal Football Club.

Today, Twitter and other social media sites were in a flurry of inspiring and educational posts in support of #InternationalWomensDay, in conjunction with Women’s History Month. One such Tweet and video came from Microsoft, asking young girls to name off inventors. They spouted off the men they read and learned about in school and in books. Da Vinci, Edison, Einstein, Graham and Tesla all rolled off their tongues. When asked about women inventors, the girls were not able to name a one, “In school it was always a male inventor. I just realized that,” said one student.

This 2nd Episode of The Kaffeine Buzz Show SXSW Music 2016 Edition, delves into the topic of small, DIY venues, their importance and influence on musical communities and culture, plus the latest news on showcases, including The British Music Embassy, Music From Ireland, and the Amsterdam Dance Event & Red Light Radio.

"For the first time, The FADER FORT is expanding its programming to six full days, and two events," said today's SXSW 2016 announcement. Now in its 15th year, FADER FORT feels to be kicking it up a notch beyond the annual extravaganza within it's musical compound during SXSW.

Tapping films included in this year's Oscar nominations, Chris Rock, Whoopi Goldberg and Leslie Jones poked fun at the lack of diversity that brought back the #OscarSoWhite social storm in full force for the second year in a row.

28 Feb 2016


Photo: Ollie Thomas

Autobahn hails from Leeds, releasing two E.P.s prior to their debut album, Dissemble, which came out on Tough Love in August of 2015. The industrial, dark vibe reflected in Dissemble comes from different sources, from their area of origin, the initial concept of Krautrock via the band's Autobahn moniker, and most definitely in the songs themselves. Titles like “Beautiful Place to Die,” “Ostentation” and “Suicide Saturday,” lean in the goth realm of doom and gloom, while at the same time, Autobahn generates emotions of great joy with a touch of pleasure and pain.

Baby Strange - Johnny Madden, vocals/guitar, brothers Connaire McCann on drums and Aidan McCann on bass - out of Glasgow got a head start on the new year in January, snagging the attention of Amazon UK, who included them in their “New and Emerging” acts to watch in 2016, and were chosen to be part of the Great X-Pectations class of 2016 by Radio X, which adds to other accolades Baby Strange has rightly received since their start in 2012.

It’s 3:30am. My alarm goes off. Time to get up. No, not to catch a flight for an exotic holiday. It’s time to break out my laptop in the middle of the night to livestream the Arsenal match against Leicester City. And I’m not alone. Far from it. There are Gooners (Arsenal Gunner fans) across the U.S. up at this hour, in pubs, in their pajamas, but all very intent on cheering, sharing observations, jokes, bitching and moaning in person and on Twitter with each minute of the match.

17 Feb 2016

It was last summer, July to be precise, when the tension-infused, darkstar four-piece FEWS was being interviewed by The Quietus about the beginnings of this band and the release of their first single, “ILL.” At the time The Quietus stated FEWS “has yet to fully puncture the indie blogosphere,” but that would soon change.

The Kaffeine Buzz show has been on a bit of hiatus over the past year, and now we’re taking the timing of this podcast relaunch to align with SXSW 2016.

Our plans for The Kaffeine Buzz show will coincide with our other planned coverage, which beyond Music, will include Interactive, Film, SXstyle, SXsports, Comedy, the parties and the mayhem, along with interviews, on-the-ground stories, and photo essays of all the action.