2016 has been the year for many, many things. Some surreal, others dumbfounding, but in the entertainment world, live streaming content has seen positive growth and evolution far beyond what it was last year. Major TV networks have been launching technology and consumer-based business innovation that’s already been at play in the music industry for some time.


Charles Raggio, Sr. Director, Artist Partnerships and Branded Content at TuneIn, has been busy cultivating deals and plans to further capitalize and grow what he and his team have already put in place, extending the streaming radio platform into the festival and concert space.

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This past weekend wrapped the 2016 Governors Ball, and although Day 3 of the festival was canceled due to weather predictions of lightning and flooding, Days 1 and 2 packed a punch. For those of us not physically at the festival, we were still able to enjoy daytime sets from Eliot Sumner, London Soul, Holly Miranda, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and Kristine and the Queens via the Gov Ball webcast on Live Nation TV’s YouTube channel. In the evening, VICELAND’s Noisy cable channel aired live performances as well (albeit, with idiotic banter by Noisey hosts in between acts).

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Photo: Governors Ball Twitter account @GovBallNYC

Mother Nature has had her way with another festival. At 12:30am Eastern Sunday morning, Governors Ball issued a statement, “At Gov Ball, our top priority is your well-being and the well-being of talent and staff. If weather conditions are deemed unsafe for the festival, Sunday’s show will be delayed or cancelled.”

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Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher in the UK’s Royal Blood were making quite a stir in their home country, but it didn’t take long for their reputation for heavy riffs and larger-than-life live sets to penetrate the states, especially after their shows at SXSW 2014.

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When I hear that a band has Britpop leanings, I can’t help but perk up my ears like my dog Sam does when he hears the crackling of a chip bag. It’s the instinctive sound known to deliver the most scrumptious of treats. The DMA’s have indeed lived up to the high bar previously set by Britpop greats before them, including Ride that I saw earlier in the week, and Noel Gallagher, whom I was immensely excited to see at Governors Ball.

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06 Jun 2015


The excitement was palpable as fans anticipated Björk's arrival. Conversations in the crowd swirled, "We've actually been to Iceland and been to her house. She wasn't there but her son was," said a guy standing next to me. I had to ask if he'd seen Björk live. "No, this is the first time." As her orchestra took their seats, we all knew it would a mere minute until the Icelandic queen would take the stage. And a conquering command she did take, transformed into a swallowtail butterfly effect of rich velvet and a kaleidoscope of colors that quivered even while she was standing still.

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Yes, this is a three-day festival. Yes, it’s the funnest, most enjoyable way to lead one to exhaustion, far better than working 12-hour days under fluorescent lights. While you may think that preserving your energy in a ‘marathon, not a sprint’ fashion is the way to go, getting to a festival soon after the gates open offers many advantages: you get in a lot quicker, get to see all the wonders of the grounds in their pristine shape before the swarms of people invade, and best of all, get to listen and support the bands that arrive early to kick off each day.


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[This article appeared originally on LineupLive.com, a contributed article by Kim Owens.] 2011 was not that long ago. But in four short years, Governors Ball Music Festival in New York has made some significant operational and technical leaps.

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