Welcome to the Kaffeine Buzz Show, or back to this podcast if you were a listener of Post303Radio. It's been a number of months since I was doing these podcasts so I'm glad to be back in the saddle again. This episode, and in picking up where I left off earlier this year is Episode 16, dedicated to the Summer of Sweat 2012, playing tracks from some of the touring bands and releases that came out during the summer months as we say good bye to the hot weather season and hello to the cooler months of the fall, spotlighting new releases and upcoming tour news.

04 May 2012

Today is a sorrowful day for many as we learn that Adam "MCA" Yauch, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, lost that battle (although most of the press is stating that his death is not yet confirmed to be cancer related). As one who influenced my generation, and those before and after me, I revert my emotions to gratitude for the music and impression he made on this world to help from feeling angry about yet another loss caused by this insidious, heartless disease.

“In a decision entirely based upon future musical direction, and with huge sadness, Editors and Chris Urbanowicz have parted ways,” said the band in a statement released today on the Editors website.

11 Apr 2012

The folks at Lollapalooza released their Official 2012 Line-up video today. Lollapalooza 2012 takes place once again in the heat of the summer festival season, August 3-5 in Grant Park, Chicago.

Post 303 Radio


Yes. That’s right. For the fans, the listeners of the beloved and sadly deceased Indie 101.5 radio station, Whip, the former music director and DJ of 101.5, along with Tyler Jacobson, Lipgloss co-founder and co-operator of Danger Radio/YourMusicIsAwful, have assembled a band of DJ hooligans to reignite indie radio in Denver, Colorado, and beyond.

Male Bonding gives us a peek into the new album, Endless Now, with a free download of the first single, “Bones,” along with a glimpse of the band’s recording session via video and a bevy of tour dates that will take them ‘round the world and back to London.

This just in: Portishead teased American fans with a one-off appearance at Coachella after the release of Third in 2008. Finally, the band is returning to these United States for select dates on the east and west coast before playing the final show of the tour in Denver on October 27.

Black Lips have just released the first single, “Modern Art,” from the band’s new album Arabia Mountain, for a free download.

The Strokes - Under Cover of Darkness

There has been a flurry of internet activity to The Strokes website since the band began offering a free download of the first single, “Under Cover of Darkness” a few hours ago.

22 Oct 2010

I was in San Francisco, hanging out with friends on a cloudy Sunday when I got the news: Michael Larsen, known as Eyedea, songwriter, MC and the other half of Eyedea & Abilities, had passed away. I never knew Michael personally, having only had the one interview with him ealier in the year, but it hit me like a ton of bricks. Like one of my friends had died. I immediately contacted another friend of mine Jef Hoskins, who is as much of a fan as I am, and his phone was blowing up. We were stunned.
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