Kamtin Mohager is the creative brainchild behind The Chain Gang of 1974.  Born in California, Mohager called Hawaii, then Denver, home during his formative years and was the touring bassist for 3OH3! from 2007-2010 before deciding to put all of his energy into his Chain Gang project. Following the success, and critical acclaim of the debut White Guts, and the follow up Wayward Fire, Mohager returns with his third full-length album, Daydream Forever.

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The Crookes sat down with Kaffeine Buzz today, theoretically speaking, via Skype (along with intermittent screen and audio freezes) to discuss the Sheffield band’s third album, Soapbox (out April 14 on Fierce Panda in the U.K, April 15 on Modern Outsider in the U.S.), and their third time back to Austin to perform a SXSW 2014.

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On their third album, Too True, Dee Dee Penny and the Dum Dum Girls (Jules, Sandy, and Malia) create a more focused version of their fuzz-drenched indie-pop sound. The album sounds much more confident than previous efforts, specifically the early EPs, is expertly arranged, and has seen them move on from the lo-fi garage noise to a sound with more studio sheen.

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“I met Wolf in early 2012, actually. So we’ve only known each other for about a year and a half to two years,” said Jeff Broadway, the director of the documentary, Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton, which tells the life and career story of Peanut Butter Wolf and the birth and life of his record label, Stones Throw Records.

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