Last fall Frank Turner more than made his presence know when he and his band mates came into Denver and tore up the crowd at the Marquis. As expected, there were many sing-alongs to fan favorites, including "I Still Believe," "If I Ever Stray," "Wessex Boy," and other tracks from his 2011 release, England Keep My Bones, all the way back to his 2006 E.P. Campfire Punkrock.

Well, we've made it past Day 1 of UMS. If you were there, you may know of the packed-ness that was 3 Kings for the Cloud Nothings set.

Yes, the Underground Music Showcase is upon us with over 300 and something bands (didn’t have the patience to count them all myself). Let’s just say there’s something for every ear. While it’s always a good time to see and support our favorite bands, and many of them they are playing, it’s yet another experience to discover something new, whether it be local or national.

For the past few years, Denver has seen dance music nights expand from the larger clubs, where patrons  seem more concerned with copulation and “being seen” than the music, to smaller, more intimate venues where dance fanatics and the DJs come together for nights to remember.  Tonight, the latter is in store with a mix of local talent London Dungeon and Dylan Le Disko, performing with national acts Autoerotique and Mustard Pimp at the Marquis.

Not only can you go to a show every night in Denver, if you’re adventurous enough you and are good at timing, you can hit two or three. The line up for the Marquis show this Friday may make you want to narrow it down to one show, as Denver favorites Carbon Choir, Epilogues and Snake Rattle Rattle Snake will no doubt charm the pants (and panties) off the boy and girls in the crowd.

04 Jun 2012


Behold, true believers! Denver is finally getting what is deserves...a Comic Con right here in Denver, Colorado. At the Colorado Convention Center from June 15th through the 17th, the Mile High City will host its first major assemblage solely dedicated to celebrating comic books, the worlds they encompass, and the creative folk that make them.  This is exciting news for local fans of sci-fi, fantasy, and all things sequential art. 

Chicago has always been home to notorious individuals. It's a city who has for generations, emanated a vibe that cultivates creative types with an innate talent for identifying and personifying the carnal nature of humankind. Flosstradamus, the Chicago duo made up of J2K (Josh Young) and Autobot (Curt Cameruci), have for years specialized in the heated, sexy, and at times, nasty beats, much to the delight of fans attending performances or for those who find their tracks fitting for some "if this van's a rocking'" action. This Friday, June 8, Floss will have their musical way with the girls and guys at the Summit Music Hall in Denver.

Most bands that make their living through music have close brushes with others in the limelight. For the members in Here We Go Magic, who perform in Denver May 21 at Hi-Dive, seem to experience star encounters in a happy accident fashion versus the predictable green room, back stage, A-list party scenarios. Encounters that take place, on like, the side of a road or in front of the band while they’re playing.

Boredom and a disdain for the status quo is often the child of invention. Embracing the moniker of Daedelus, the cunning worker in Greek Mythology (spelled with a variance), Alfred Darlington has veered far left into the bush whilst many others in the world of making electronic music are following the tired, and yes boring, worn path. This creative experimentalist arrives in Denver Saturday, May 12, where Daedelus will perform his magic for the fans at the Summit Music Hall, along with TOKiMONSTA and Thriftworks.

“This tour has been a long time coming for us and it has been well worth the wait! The chance to finally play new songs from our 2nd album to people has seen 3 fairly large elephants slowly step down from our shoulders,” states The Wombats on their blog. That was back in March at the beginning of the trio’s trek through the U.K. In April The Wombats, including lead singer/guitarist Matthew ‘Murph’ Murphy, drummer Dan Haggis, and bassist/guitarist Tord Øverland-Knudsen, started back up with dates here in the U.S. and arrive in Colorado on May 4, playing The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs with The Static Jacks and Flagship.

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