Most bands that make their living through music have close brushes with others in the limelight. For the members in Here We Go Magic, who perform in Denver May 21 at Hi-Dive, seem to experience star encounters in a happy accident fashion versus the predictable green room, back stage, A-list party scenarios. Encounters that take place, on like, the side of a road or in front of the band while they’re playing.

Boredom and a disdain for the status quo is often the child of invention. Embracing the moniker of Daedelus, the cunning worker in Greek Mythology (spelled with a variance), Alfred Darlington has veered far left into the bush whilst many others in the world of making electronic music are following the tired, and yes boring, worn path. This creative experimentalist arrives in Denver Saturday, May 12, where Daedelus will perform his magic for the fans at the Summit Music Hall, along with TOKiMONSTA and Thriftworks.

“This tour has been a long time coming for us and it has been well worth the wait! The chance to finally play new songs from our 2nd album to people has seen 3 fairly large elephants slowly step down from our shoulders,” states The Wombats on their blog. That was back in March at the beginning of the trio’s trek through the U.K. In April The Wombats, including lead singer/guitarist Matthew ‘Murph’ Murphy, drummer Dan Haggis, and bassist/guitarist Tord Øverland-Knudsen, started back up with dates here in the U.S. and arrive in Colorado on May 4, playing The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs with The Static Jacks and Flagship.

To say that Nick Zammuto is a musician would actually be cutting the guy short. He’s more of an inventor of undiscovered and yet-to-be-invented ways of creating sounds and then crafting them into picturesque songs. Zammuto is bringing a new batch of concoctions to the Communikey festival in “The Shape of Things” night this Thursday, April 26 at Shine along with The Square Root of Evil and DJ SL8R.

It’s interesting that the new Imagine Dragons EP is titled Continued Silence (Interscope), because the six tracks are anything but quiet. With the new songs in tow, the four-piece act consisting of Dan Reynolds, Wayne Sermon (guitar) Ben McKee (bass), and Daniel Platzman (drums) hit the road earlier this month and come to Denver at the Marquis this Friday, April 27 with The Autumn Film and M & the Gems.

Okay kiddies, it’s time to dust off your twist and shout moves for a Monday night party at Hi-Dive (April 23) when Chain and the Gang come to town to knock socks, shoes and the random wig clear off. Along with Conjugal Visits, Reckless Nights and DJ SL8R, the band will carry the rock ‘n roll torch that’s been blazing their entire tour.

If you’ve spent any time in Denver going to shows, you’ll know the game of musical chairs our city’s musicians have perfected over the years. You’ll also see the case in point within Tin Horn Prayer’s line-up: Scooter James of Love Me Destroyer and Pinhead Circus, Mike Herrera of Blackout Pact and Sleeperhorse, Andy Thomas of Only Thunder and Ghost Buffalo, as well as Eric Epling, Camden Trendler, and Ethan Steenson. Well, the whole shebang gang unites on stage this Thursday, April 26 at Hi-Dive, performing with Alone at 3am, Serious Moonlight, and Lizzie Huffman.

When it comes to a typical Face To Face show, earplugs and shin guards are typically needed as safety precautions. This time around, the Cali punk rock quartet pares it down to two, as Trever Keith and Scott Shifflet perform a fan favorite, Ignorance is Bliss, from beginning to end in an acoustic fashion on Saturday, April 21 at the Marquis Theatre.

 Unless you’ve been living under a T.V. reality-show obsessed rock, the annual Spike and Mike Twisted Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation needs no introduction. But you may not have guessed a Rave-Atar 3D Dance Party would be part of the programming. Yes, a two-day boogie film fest at Denver’s Beauty Bar featuring some of our city’s best dance talent: DJs London Dungeon, Pictureplane, Hollagramz, DJ Soup and Bobby C Sound TV.

One of my all-time favorite parties returns to SXSW Music in 2012 – Fader Fort. This year the main sponsor is Converse, replaced by Levis who has been part of this gotta see scene for the past few years. Today they announced that you can now RSVP – so get on it!

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