14 Oct 2013

Music is a much more healthy tool for escapism than the easy grab for the bottle or a powder that inspires a hit television series, and Surfer Blood's latest sunny endeavor, Pythons (Warner Bros.), delivers that anecdote for a bad day or the feeling one has after watching the news.

Two years ago, Dominic Maker and Kai Campos of London's Mount Kimbie were playing a festival in Croatia with frolicking people dancing on a yacht, having released their debut full-length Crooks & Lovers a year earlier. They also had time to play football twice a week while honing the soundscapes of their electronic act.

A man who needs no introduction (avoiding the Entroducing pun there…but blew it already by even mentioning it…oh, never mind), DJ Shadow's All Basses Covered Tour has three -- count them -- three Colorado dates, and fans couldn't be more excited.

17 Sep 2013

Yes, there are some pinnacle bands playing Riot Fest Denver, which comes to Denver for the first time in 2013 on September 21 and 22 at May Farms in Byers, Colorado, from the rock god Iggy Pop to The Replacements, which has influenced countless other bands since their inception many decades ago.

23 Aug 2013

As the popularity of biking grows from city to city and country to country, so does community activism and involvement. ARTCRANK, which brings bike and art lovers together for good, began their impact in 2007 on a local scale, and since then has branched out from Minneapolis to other U.S., including Denver, and internationally in London, Manchester, and London.

18 Jul 2013

It's the first day of Denver's Underground Music Showcase, so pace yourself. There's 4 days and 400 bands and 20+ venues. Drink lots of water 'cause you have to work in the morning. You know I'm fucking with you, right? It's UMS bitch, time to get to some ringing-ears-the-next-day-in-the-AM action. Here are but a few recommendations for the first day, Thursday, July 18, with more to come for the rest of the show.

The marriage of technology and music began many years ago, most vividly in it's format; the advent of digital music downloads, the promotion of bands online, even the conversion of vinyl to DJ platforms such as Serato and Numark. Now, Music Hack Day comes to Denver during the Underground Music Showcase, sponsored by the king of digital music in the worldwide DJ community, Denver-based Beatport, it takes place at the community workspace Galvanize, July 20 and 21.

04 Jul 2013

Caravan Palace's music unto itself is celebratory, full of quip rhythms and electronic modern ragtime twists. But is the Paris troupe's live shows that have been known to throw fans into a dancing frenzy, bringing Baz Luhrmann-esque visual delights together with their "Clash" blips and bops, and swing-swayin' "Beataphone" delights.

12 Apr 2013

This Saturday night Shane Evans and friends will celebrate two years since Crash 45, a neighborhood bar in Denver, first opened its doors with free whiskey, beer and DJ Paris.

Crash 45 was Shane's second bar venture, the first being Liquid Lounge in Breckenridge. When he heard that his good friends were selling the White Owl, located at 321 E. 45th Avenue, he decided to jump back into the fray, "I'm always a sucker for punishment."

And while running any businesses does have its challenges, the rewards have been great. "We have many supporters who really make it what it is," Shane said. "I have learned how important it is to treat people good and take good care of them."

The idea for Crash 45's identity came about from its location and the building itself.

"It is off the beaten path, in a forgotten neighborhood of Denver. The interior is mostly decorated with discarded and forgotten things. Kinda like Globeville. But things are changing. In the two years I have been there, I'm starting to see the influx of more people moving into the area. We just hope lo-do does not creep our way. WE don't allow 'White Hats' in the place."

Thank God for that. 

Crash 45 Party Info on Facebook

08 Feb 2013

Back in the day, the cultural comedy series 'In Living Color' featured the "Hey Mon" skit of Jamaican a family whose self worth was based on the number of jobs one had. The more jobs you had, the more worthy you were, and a doctor with only one job was thought to be a "lazy coconut blood clot." Ty Segall with his own band, numerous side projects, annual record releases (sometimes two in one year) and touring could have easily fit in well with the Hedley family…if he were Jamaican and the age he is now back in 1990.

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