I’ve always been a huge fan of dual drummers. Maybe it dates back to our primal roots, where huge, sonic percussion brings out something within our DNA that revises a dormant gene of intrigue and passion. Woodsman, a Denver foursome, dedicates 50% of their talent to the skins and sticks, with Dylan Shumaker and Eston Lathrop sharing the rhythm helm.


In a recent interview with BBC News e24, legendary electronic music artist, Gary Numan, states frankly and with a bit of a smirk, "When [The Pleasure Principle] came out, it didn't do that well, critically. It got to number one, but the press didn't like it. More recently, they've been re-reviewing it and it's now considered to be a classic...which is nice."


Deer Tick is full of heart and a giving spirit, from their raucous, sometimes-sans-pants performances and the reaching depth of songs such as “Goodbye Dear Friend,” to the auction of their tour bus, which will help Oxfam America support victims of the Pakistan flood.

Brother Ali is one busy dude. After assisting the group Pepper on their “Like a Surgeon Tour” by playing Chicago on October 21st, (as well as Lawrence, KS on the 24th and various other dates), Ali will swing into Broomfield to play the 1st Bank Center in support of musician/DJ Bassnectar on Saturday, October 23rd.
16 Oct 2010


is the latest in a string of MCs north of the border to make a splash on the industry. Having been compared to Drake and K’Naan—two of his country counterparts—Shad has also drawn comparisons to Asher Roth and Eminem, for his sharp wit and battle-ready delivery.

It’s funny how life has a way of coming full circle, how the universe can pull people together by connecting the cosmic dots. Such is the path that led Denver’s A Shoreline Dream to open for Reading’s Chapterhouse show in San Francisco via a connection with Ulrich Schnauss, with whom ASD has been collaborating with for the past few years.

Suffice it to say I was a bit floored to learn that Kele Okereke of Bloc Party wasn’t as stoked on their worldwide acclaimed debut Silent Alarm as the rest of us because the drums were mixed too loud. In 2005, that was a top five favorite album for most everyone I knew. But, time moves on and so do most musicians (we hope), and earlier this summer, Kele and the mates took a break from Bloc Party and he went solo with a full-length release, The Boxer.

When !!! (Chk, Chk, Chk) first started out in Sacramento in 1996 (now the band is split between Sac and Brooklyn), the notion of electro, dance punk or indie dance was something of an unknown, unless you were at a dance club’s ‘80s night. Ten years later, you can't spin a cat round the outside without hitting a band or 100 with the dance genres listed aptly on their MySpace page.

For the past two years Hard Fest has featured the who’s who from the Windish list and beyond, plucking dance, electro, dubstep and bass heavy stars the likes of Justice, Soulwax, Crystal Castles, Major Lazer, 2MANYDJS, Deadmau5, MSTRKRFT, Santigold, Rusko and DJ A-Trak.


Having missed Thursday's UMS due to family obligations, I was pretty excited about heading into the fray of Night Two of UMS last night. Right off the bat, Ideal Fathers killed it as they had at a past UMS gig, sans the need to run through the torrential rainstorm to get to their show on time. At some point I'd love to see with the group have more than closet space in which to play. Carbon Choir delivered an aching and beautiful set at Skylark, and a quick jaunt into The Outfit's show was an evening highlight. So on to my picks for tonight, Saturday, July 24.


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