“It has been ELEVEN days, Stephen,” Jon Stewart said during his January 31st guest appearance on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, “Eleven. Fucking. Days. ELEVEN!” And then, looking into the audience and the camera, he stated what we were all experiencing, “The presidency is supposed to age the president, NOT the public.”


That was only eighteen f*#king days ago. What’s happened since then plays out like a TV reality show based on a mashup of “Hunt For Red October 2: Defecting TO Russia,” “Dumb and Dumber,” and “ Liar Liar.”

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"Music and political activism have always been really tightly bound together throughout global history," said Ryan Harvey, the co-owner of Firebrand Records with Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, The Nightwatchman) during the Rock Against the TPP Tour press call. This Saturday, July 23 at the Summit Music Hall in Denver, is the first stop on the nationwide free-to-attend tour. The Rock Against the TPP Tour's main goal is to educate the American public on WHAT the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) really is and WHY they need to pressure their local House Representatives NOW to put TPP to pasture for good, preventing it from  being voted upon this fall.

Power to the People - Rock Against the TPP Tour

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5TransersIf you'd rather have Jello Biafra than Arnold Schwarzenegger as your celebrity California governor, I've got a movement for you. It's called Punx for Dean, and it's all about bringing together the fractious punk scene to support one candidate for President, Howard Dean.

Political punk rock isn't a new thing, obviously, but some still find it strange that there's a punk rock organization supporting a Democrat for President. However, Howard Dean's campaign has been far from ordinary itself. To Kimmy Cash, founder of Punx for Dean, the grassroots campaign funded by individual donations of $100 or less, supporting the Vermont governor who was the first in the country to legalize civil unions for gays and lesbians, speak out against war in Iraq, the Patriot Act, and other freedom-infringing post-9/11 legislation was a perfect fit for punk rock.

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Mark Redfern from Under the Radar Magazine

Like Kaffeine Buzz, Under the Radar’s main focus is music, mostly of the independent variety, but also like us, Mark Redfern and his staff believe that being politically aware and involved is not only important, but a vital part of being a creative person in today’s world.

Under the Radar’s current issue is the Protest issue, and this marks the second time the magazine has taken time out to examine musicians and other artists speaking out about their political views. A striking photo shoot with the artists holding protest signs they designed themselves is the central focus of the issue, but it covers many different aspects of protest in music, both within the U.S. and across the world.  Much has changed since 2004, when Political Buzz got its start and Under the Radar did its first protest issue, and yet some things haven’t changed.

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Fancy Tiger Gets Their Obama Kit On

When I first saw the Shepard Fairey Obama shirt, I flipped my perverbial wig. Of course, by the time I got out of traction, all the shirts were gone as well as the posters.

I was happy to find out that of course, more were printed and available online, but I also saw them for sale at Urban Outfitters. While the design is still one of the best out there, I felt like a clone wearing it. Lame? Maybe. While I want the masses to have access to show their support of our next president, shopping at the mall and political rebellion have never gone hand-in-hand with me.

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Pink Spiders Offer to Help Inject Some Rock 'n' Roll Into McCain's Campaign

Word on the street is McCain is taking a little R&R time over the next few days as the Dems get ready to rock Obama all the way to the White House this week. Good thing too, since he was really starting to age as a result of all the crap shoveling he's been doing. Plus, he has to catch up on his naps and have someone remind him of how many houses he actually owns. Rough.

It also seems like Matt Friction of the Pink Spiders has noticed that the ads depicting Obama as the reason for high gases prices or his celebrity relation to idiots such as Paris Hilton isn't getting McCain's campaign much traction with the kids.

In an effort to help the old guy and level the rock 'n' roll playing field, he crafted this very generous offer and letter to McCain's senior advisor. It was mighty big of him we think, so we thought we'd pass it along for your reading pleasure.

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