The cat’s out of the festival bag. This morning before the eggs were ready off the skillet, Riot Fest got out their line up news following yesterday’s cryptic teaser videos ("Been Caught Stealin" was one hint). Jane's Addiction fans should be happy to hear the band will perform the classic album, Ritual de lo Habitual, in its entirety, and the Hold Steady will break out the beloved tracks from Boys and Girls in America, with with Franz Nicolay no less, for the Denver (September 2 - 4) and Chicago (September 16 - 18) girls and boys.

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Sasquatch BananaFickle weather, a revolving and delightful schmorgisborg of bands, $7 hamburgers and $8 beers: that’s what audiences encountered at this year’s Sasquatch Festival. This annual celebration of northwest music is not for the faint of heart, but infinitely worth the cost and the effort.

Tickets for all three days went for a whopping $165. The concert was sold out. People carrying signs asking to buy spare tickets could be seen all along the road to the Gorge. Since there are few hotels within a reasonable distance, most people keep with Memorial Day weekend tradition and break out the tent poles and mess kits. Camping costs vary between $90- $180.

One thing I know after four consecutive years attending the Sasquatch Festival is that you have to be prepared for ANYTHING. We had sunshine, we had rain, we had pleasure and we had pain. Note to self: always wear sunscreen even when the forecast says cloudy. When will I learn that wearing pigtails to the Gorge equals visible burn lines on my head? Two years in a row!

The music performed was as varied as the weather.

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Six Feet Under: Everything EndsIf you’re a fan of the HBO Series, Six Feet Under, you’ll instantly recognize the opening track used to promote the launch of their fifth season, which will end this summer. The pictures featured inside the cover actually get the series’ original theme song running through your head as the hands, once held together, break apart when one leaves this life for the afterlife.

The show itself gained popularity quickly with its take on a subject that typically doesn’t come up in dinner conversation – all the gory details involved in dying from the view of a family who runs a funeral home. That’s what made it so provocative and hooked others like myself. As the show evolved it was more about life than death as the characters come into their own and connect, if only for a few days, with the strangers that walk into their establishment. There is obviously heart ache and pain involved, but the brighter side of humanity is spotlighted, from comedic and endearing moments to bravely shedding emotional armor in exchange for vulnerability and honesty.

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15 Apr 2011


Record Store Day 2011

Tomorrow, Saturday April 16, annual Record Store Day takes place in small towns, in big cities, spanning across the U.S. and internationally. In Colorado alone we have 32 stores participating, with exclusive vinyl and special releases, and in-store performances planned.

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KBuzz Video of the Day - Death Cab for Cutie - You Are A Tourist

In today's world of instant gratification and live streaming, Death Cab for Cutie now leads the pack in the production and release of a music video. Yesterday evening at 7pm EST director Tim Nackashi called "action!" and lead singer, lead vocalist and guitarist Ben Gibbard, got his cue to begin the music video for "You Are A Tourist," Death Cab's new single from Code and Keys, due out on May 31 on Atlantic Records.

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