"Music and political activism have always been really tightly bound together throughout global history," said Ryan Harvey, the co-owner of Firebrand Records with Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, The Nightwatchman) during the Rock Against the TPP Tour press call. This Saturday, July 23 at the Summit Music Hall in Denver, is the first stop on the nationwide free-to-attend tour. The Rock Against the TPP Tour's main goal is to educate the American public on WHAT the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) really is and WHY they need to pressure their local House Representatives NOW to put TPP to pasture for good, preventing it from  being voted upon this fall.

Power to the People - Rock Against the TPP Tour

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Tent State and Rage Against the Machine

One of the first and more popular news stories when it comes to music legends in their own time that have always led the political way is Rage Against the Machine, who are headlining Tent State University (an obvious play off of Kent State).

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20 Aug 2008
The DNC Arrives in Denver

We’re almost here. The 2008 Democratic National Convention is just around the corner, as thousands stream into Denver, filling up all those expensively priced hotels this weekend.

Although the preparation for this historical event in our city started months ago, getting the scoop on what is really taking place during the next week has been cloudy at best, as press releases begin trickle in.

There also seems to be confusion as to what is public and what is not, including the recently announced Manifest Hope gallery showing and related party at Andenken Gallery.

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