The cat’s out of the festival bag. This morning before the eggs were ready off the skillet, Riot Fest got out their line up news following yesterday’s cryptic teaser videos ("Been Caught Stealin" was one hint). Jane's Addiction fans should be happy to hear the band will perform the classic album, Ritual de lo Habitual, in its entirety, and the Hold Steady will break out the beloved tracks from Boys and Girls in America, with with Franz Nicolay no less, for the Denver (September 2 - 4) and Chicago (September 16 - 18) girls and boys.

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Sometimes I think you need marathon training for these music festivals. To really cover a show, you need to have your stopwatch out and run from one stage to the next. So it was perplexing to wander inside and see such a mass of people sitting on the grass doing nothing with so much activity and bands playing everywhere you turned. What a good use of their $29 bucks.

It was still early in the day when we arrived, and already the place was thoroughly littered with paper plates, food, cans, and other trash. Having more trashcans may have alleviated a lot of it, but we could also tell that a lot of the people just didn't give a damn.

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Music Launches Print Ad Campaign in 19 Battleground Cities; 'Think the Presidential Candidates are the Same? Think Again'

This Wednesday, July 14 released their "Think the presidential candidates are the same? Think again" educational campaign in 19 battleground cities as a comparison between Bush and Kerry on 7 major issues. created this ad campaign to show kids that there are huge differences between these two candidates on the many issues that young voters care about.

Founder of, Fat Mike Burkett of the music group NOFX stated, "When we're out on tour -- kids are always asking me if there really IS a difference between Bush and Kerry."

These ads are simple score-cards based on the candidate voting records, statements, and actions around the critical subjects of reproductive rights, equal rights, civil liberties, the economy, environment, gun control and education funding. View the ad at:

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Take Action! Volume 4“Every 17 minutes, at least six Americans lose a loved one to suicide, for a total loss of life to suicide of more than 30,000 people each year.” That’s what reads inside the cover of this 2 volume compilation of artists, coming together to contribute to The National Hopeline Network, a suicide prevention and crisis hotline network.

This compilation packs a punch while delivering badly needed money to a good cause, one that greatly affects our younger generation in addition to those that have left us before their time.

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18 Apr 2006

Well, after tons of singles, EP’s, comp tracks, splits, 10 full length records, and 15 world tours NOFX is still playing their brand of punk rock by their own rules, and still kicking some decent ass with it, pushing 40 no less. Even though they are a little more vocal about their political stance in these here later years they still behave like 19 year old punks, still get wasted at shows, and still run around acting like assholes.

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26 Jun 2003

Critiquing the latest NOFX release is like asking for yet another interpretation of the bible – the content and conclusions remain the same.

As one might expect, the usual suspects are all present and accounted for on The War on Errorism. You’ll get plenty of heavy rhythms and hooks, gut-busting lyrics (replete with so-true sociopolitical observations), the world’s greatest punk harmonies, a few dissonant chords and the occasional Eric Melvin scream. Oh, and let’s not forget Fat Mike’s vocals – you could put his voice on a slew of holiday standards, and you’d swear they’re NOFX tunes.

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Watching bands like NOFX, Bad Religion and Rancid evolve has increasingly become a painful affair. Hell bent on uber-classification, we’ve put Bad Religion at the head of the class as the history professor, NOFX as the class clown, and Rancid nowhere near school, but on the streets representing original punk grit. It has played itself out time and again at each summer festival of the past decade, with the youth of today pumping their fists to Rancid and graciously accepting Bad Religion’s lecture, as long as NOFX comes along shortly thereafter with the punch line.

Is it possible we’ve missed the point entirely?

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I had only lived in Denver a few months when I met Virgil Dickenson from Suburban Home Records, owner of the label and guy in charge of Denver’s Punk Rock Bowling Tournament.It was 2002 and the teams, made up of local musicians and their friends dressed in costumes that mimicked Halloween, had gathered to determine who would travel to Vegas for the ultimate alley throw down. The national Punk Rock Bowling Tournament.

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