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Anne Vickman is a freelance writer and editor currently living in Boston, and has or is covering A&E for the Herald, the Phoenix, and Boston magazine. She is also the current art editor for Redivider, journal of new literature and art and works in ad sales for Real Simple, Coastal Living, and Sunset magazines. Vickman grew up unabashed in the mint and corn fields of Meridian, Idaho. She completed her undergrad years in Boulder, Colorado. It was here that she stumbled upon a goldmine of live music shows, which would eventually result in a quasi-regular habit of writing album and concert reviews for several area publications, including this one. Vickman has also contributed to 5280 and Denver magazines, as well as the Boulder Weekly. In addition to music, Vickman covers style and beauty, focusing on companies that are doing their part to create safe, environmentally friendly products. She has lived in Spain and New Zealand, prefers trains to planes, is nearly ready to jump on the Smartphone wagon, loves summertime the most, totally loves that old-school Casio ditty, and fears Google’s increasing monopoly over all things digital. She finds herself loving the ’80s more and more as they continue to slip away into history, and prefers that you chew with your mouth closed, if at all possible.
Vickman currently resides with two dudes, two cats, three MacBooks, one turntable, and many winter coats. At the moment, she’s obsessed with the XX, The Very Best, Wild Beasts, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, The Broken Bells, and maintains that she knew about all of them before you did.

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