This 2nd Episode of The Kaffeine Buzz Show SXSW Music 2016 Edition, delves into the topic of small, DIY venues, their importance and influence on musical communities and culture, plus the latest news on showcases, including The British Music Embassy, Music From Ireland, and the Amsterdam Dance Event & Red Light Radio.

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28 Feb 2016


Photo: Ollie Thomas

Autobahn hails from Leeds, releasing two E.P.s prior to their debut album, Dissemble, which came out on Tough Love in August of 2015. The industrial, dark vibe reflected in Dissemble comes from different sources, from their area of origin, the initial concept of Krautrock via the band's Autobahn moniker, and most definitely in the songs themselves. Titles like “Beautiful Place to Die,” “Ostentation” and “Suicide Saturday,” lean in the goth realm of doom and gloom, while at the same time, Autobahn generates emotions of great joy with a touch of pleasure and pain.

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The Kaffeine Buzz show has been on a bit of hiatus over the past year, and now we’re taking the timing of this podcast relaunch to align with SXSW 2016.

Our plans for The Kaffeine Buzz show will coincide with our other planned coverage, which beyond Music, will include Interactive, Film, SXstyle, SXsports, Comedy, the parties and the mayhem, along with interviews, on-the-ground stories, and photo essays of all the action.

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Welcome to the Kaffeine Buzz Show, or back to this podcast if you were a listener of Post303Radio. It's been a number of months since I was doing these podcasts so I'm glad to be back in the saddle again. This episode, and in picking up where I left off earlier this year is Episode 16, dedicated to the Summer of Sweat 2012, playing tracks from some of the touring bands and releases that came out during the summer months as we say good bye to the hot weather season and hello to the cooler months of the fall, spotlighting new releases and upcoming tour news.

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