In light of recent events, Dropkick Murphy's "Ship Me Up To Boston" started things off, as did "We All Share the Same Skies" by The Cribs.

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There are many “back in the day” moments for tried and true, dedicated to the end, obsessed music fanatics. We’re proud to be music snobs and relate to the banter featured in the flick “High Fidelity.” While the record store chains like Tower have gone to the grave site, and digital download numbers continue to make their mark, independent stores are still alive and thriving. The in-person, record store culture lives on and is celebrated by an international holiday on April 17: Record Store Day (

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15 Apr 2011


Record Store Day 2011

Tomorrow, Saturday April 16, annual Record Store Day takes place in small towns, in big cities, spanning across the U.S. and internationally. In Colorado alone we have 32 stores participating, with exclusive vinyl and special releases, and in-store performances planned.

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Low - Try to Sleep - KBuzz Video of the Day

 In honor of Record Store Day, Low will be performing at Electric Fetus in Minneapolis on Saturday, April 16 at 4pm. This week in conjunction with the start of band’s tour and the release of Low’s new album, C’mon, a new video for “Try to Sleep” was uploaded by Sub Pop, starring…John Stamos?

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