In less than one week the Coachella gates will open, letting the people flow in and letting the magic begin for the first of two consecutive weekends taking place April 14-16 and April 21-23. Festival promoter, Goldenvoice, will be live streaming performances once again during the first weekend of Coachella with returning sponsor, T-Mobile.

Last year the made waves with the introduction of their Coachella VR app that accompanied the customized Coachella Google Cardboard VR headset (and headset owners of Samsung Gear VR).

By downloading the app, fans from around the world could experience 360-degree views of various areas within the festival grounds, artists’ performances, and check out VR video created by attending festival-goers.

It was the live streaming VR agency,, that had worked with Coachella since 2015 when Goldenvoice decided to bring VR into their continually evolving technical production.

In 2017, Coachella has taken the next step in the evolution process, working again with on their next-generation VR mobile app that now has augmented reality (AR) capabilities.

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Big thanks goes out to all those that attended our SXSW Workshop providing a Deep Dive into Live Streaming and it's impact on Brands, Promoters, and Fans, and a ton of gratitude goes out to the SXSW folks for helping us make it happen. For those of you that want a refresh of the session or for all the folks that couldn't make it, here are the slides from the presentation along with the recording of the entire workshop.


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Part 1 of The Connected Music Series, “Music Sponsorships: The Golden Ticket for Brands That Get It,” covered the benefits, data, and examples of sponsored live events done well by brands, as discussed in the SXSW Music session, "Does Social Media Make Concerts Better?"

Photo: International Business Times
Photo: International Businesss Times

The session featured findings from the report, “We Know Music Fans,” by AEG and Momentum, plus insights from panelists Hugh McIntyre, Music Writer, Forbes; Glenn Minerley, VP Group Director, Music & Entertainment, Momentum Worldwide; Scott Carlis, VP Digital Social Media & Marketing, AEG Global Partnerships; Craig Goodfriend, Industry Manager, Facebook; and Jean-Philip Grobler, St. Lucia.

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Photo: Business Wire, Samsung

This is Part 1 in this Connected Music Series, which features conversations, conference sessions, use cases, reports and data showcasing the digital and technological impact and influence on live music events.

The traditional advertising model in all its forms seems well on its way to Disarray Town. Networks are trying to cram full-length television ads into streaming content viewing models with square-peg-round-hole finesse. Publishers are trying to force-feed their bread and butter ad placements by restricting access until readers turn off their Adblocker (and of course, someone figured out a workaround). Meanwhile, those that haven’t cut the cable television cord (yet) use their DVRs to gleefully fast forward through commercials.

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One of the best things about The Parish in Austin is the long row of seating to the right of the venue. I was wise to take a rest there prior to The Cribs taking the stage, since I would need what little energy I had left to make it through torrentially fabulous set. Bent on shooting this show and with no one to blame but myself, I was right at the front with the crowd, which this evening was the antithesis of the L.A., arm-folding gang of kids.

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After winning Virgin Mobile’s Road to V battle of the bands competition in 2006, Bombay Bicycle Club released three full-length albums from 2009-2011.  They powered through the flavor-of-the-month status heaped upon them by the British press, and made it through the roller coaster ride that typically follows overnight style success, a ride that usually kills lesser bands.  

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Pixies stageThursday morning I wake up in LA and realize the insanity of my predicament. Did I really just put ninety bucks on my credit card and commit to spending two days, outdoors, in the desert, with masses of sweaty bodies in a field of grass? My destination is Indio, CA. at the Empire Polo Field to attend the two day Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Through a little research, the Californians let me know it will be at least ten degrees hotter when I head south. I honestly consider selling one of my passes because the quest for good music seem to have blinded the rationality of my senses. But this is an old mission, one I’ve been trying to fulfill since 1999, so I won’t be giving up easily.

It was 1999 when I first heard other's experiences about an amazing electronic festival that took place out west. In it’s first year, Coachella brought mainly electronic musicians and DJs, and over the past four years it has evolved to have more of a rock oriented vein. At first the sales and attendance were dismal. But by 2001 Goldenvoice (the California company that puts Coachella on ) finally broke even. 2003 was the year Coachella solidified its reputation and more major musical acts committed to playing for this year: Radiohead, The Cure, The Pixies, Kraftwerk and Flaming Lips led it to be the first year that Coachella has sold out, presale, in its five year history.

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 Electro-pop group of metamorphosis, Metronomy have released an EP for their single, “Everything Goes My Way” (Big Beat / Because Music) in anticipation of their spring 2012 North American tour. The original single kicks off the 5-tracks, followed by remixes from Ewan Pearson, Jesse Rose, Enchante and Psychemagik.

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It was early this morning when I saw Yuck on Twitter, prepping fans for the release of a new single, “Chew,” right in time for the band’s appearance at Coachella this weekend.

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