The Oxford band Foals have been on a trajectory of increased intensity and depth over the last ten years, beginning with 2008’s Anitdotes up to now, as sonic glimpses into their fourth album, What Went Down emerge. Today marks the video release of “Mountain At My Gate,” the second single that is as massive as the title track released in June.

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In light of recent events, Dropkick Murphy's "Ship Me Up To Boston" started things off, as did "We All Share the Same Skies" by The Cribs.

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12 Sep 2008

The Chaingang of 1974The Chain Gang of 1974 -- playing Sunday, Sept 14, 1:30PM, GigBot Stage

As the saying goes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. This has been the mantra of a Denver musical entity, The Chain Gang of 1974, an electro rock gang-of-one with Kamtin Mohager at the helm.

In just 18 months, Kamtin has grown his Gang’s presence from a start-up solo act, featuring himself, a bass guitar and prerecorded backing tracks, into a viable music machine to be reckoned with.

A strong vision, belief in the songs he was creating and a DIY work ethic has led to over 160 shows, which is more than half of what was done by his previous alt rock band, The Vanity, during its year and a half run. MORE

FoalsFoals - Playing Monolith - Saturday, Sept 13, 2pm - Esurance Main Stage

Stemming from the strangest of self-proclaimed influences such as tennis’ Andy Roddick, minimalism, and chemistry, Oxford, England’s Foals might describe themselves as “mathletes.”

“What is a mathlete” you might ask, it’s something that doesn’t really seem to make sense until you listen to the album, Antidotes. If dancing can be considered athletic and you’re dancing to math-rock, then you might be considered a mathlete.

Antidotes was recorded with TV on the Radio’s guitarist and producer David Sitek. Front man Yannis Philippakis was warned by Sitek that he wasn’t interested in making a “glossy pop album.” Little did anybody know that Foals had Antidotes up its sleeve. MORE

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