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This week's show pays tribute to David Bowie's birthday, new surprise single "Where Are We Now?" and Aaron Swartz who left the world much too soon but left a behind an amazing legacy of social justice and digital innovation. 

Part 2 of the Holiday Hangover, this time the post-New Years show, Episode 27 featured the last round of the Best of 2012 series of music and bands that made their way to venues across the globe, some of which continue to tour through 2013 and on to SXSW this year. Then finished the episode with a brand new 2013 track by music veterans and pop song favorites (or is that favourites), Pet Shop Boys. 

Recovering a bit from a Christmas holiday hangover, I served up Episode 26 as Part 1 of the best of the best for music in 2012, looking back at artist releases that tickled my fancy and bands that were stellar in concert. As always, included bits of music news for these featured artists, some of which will be appearing at SXSW 2013. 

This week's episode featured a variety of brand new tracks from Frightened Rabbit and Eels, a remix of legend Artful Dodger's "Please Don't Turn Me On" by the star-studded dio Disclosure, along with classic songs from music iconoclasts (who are still giggin'), Happy Mondays, Prodigy and The Wonder Stuff. 

This week's episode started off with a gripe against Instagram's decision to pull integration support for Twitter, along with a few other stories of idiocracy. 

This week's episode started with a dedication to the artists and musicians we lost in 2012, including Joe Maher, the guitarist from Flowered Up who recently passed. Featured a new remix of Bear in Heaven, a bit about the Rolling Stone's new doc, "Crossfire Hurricane," news on Denver's Mancub and Cceruleann dance acts, plus Hot Chip's rollicking new video for "Don't Deny Your Heart," which brings a love-ly twist to FIFA football gaming. And of course, the Concert Calendar picks and tracks, including The Correspondents, Dexters, and The 2 Bears.

This week's episode started off with a story about how addicted we've become to technology, including taking our phones to bed versus a warm human being, spicing it up with clips from "He's Just Not That Into You" and Paul F. Tompkins' comedy candy.

This week's episode was dedicated to the American holiday of Thanksgiving and all the trimmings that come with it, like the insanity of Black Friday, enduring the stress of travel and family feuds, and then giving thanks when it's all over. Taking a peek at what's playing London and Denver (and cities beyond), I threw down some Vaccines along with a new track from Sulk, plus songs from Crocodiles, Japandroids and Deathset.

This week's episode celebrated the Obama victory in our country's presidential election. It also poked fun at attempts to imitate each other's accents ala a "Big Bang Theory" clip. Taking a peek at what's playing London and Denver (and cities beyond), Hackney's Cheatahs were featured, along with Lotus Plaza, Django Django, Tanlines, a flash from the past from Ned's Atomic Dustbin and Denver's Flashlights.

This week's show was dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Sandy on the east coast, spotlighting bands from the NY area, including Moon Furies, Oberhofer, Ugly Duckling and Young Magic, along with letting fans know about their live gigs here in the U.S. and the U.K.
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